Pension Kristall*** Holiday at our family-friendly bed and breakfast (B&B), Nationalpark Hohe Tauern Salzburg (Austrian Alps). Peter and Maria Soller, Bramberg at Wildkogel mountain, Pinzgau area

Nationalpark muncipal Bramberg

Salzachtal vom Wildkogel gesehen

The village centre is at the southern slope of the 2225m Wildkogel mountain. Our boarding house is in Steinach. By walk only fifteen minutes from the village centre.
    In former times, the area around Bramberg was centre of copper mining. A document from 925 already mentions the "Leitengut" farm. Nowadays tourism plays the central economic role in the area.


History of Bramberg village


1959 excavation showed urn graves from Hallstatt period. That implies that people have been settling down in Bramberg for around 3000 years. "Emperor coins" from the Romans have been found. The oldest farming house, "Leitengut" has been mentioned 925.
    Originally Bramberg was a mining village. Around 1400 there was a smelting works in Wenns. According to a contract of the year 1510 the mined blue vitriol had been delivered to Augsburg (Fugger). 1525 there was a farmer’s upheaval because of oppression and high taxes. 1809 bavarian and french troups have been fought. In the 19th century the mining stopped and lots of people moved.
    Today the growing village is part of the largest Nationalpark in Austria and has a highly developed infrastructure. Tourism has changed the whole area.


The late Gothic church has been errected 1505–11 and extended in 1887–89; baroque altar piece with Gothic Pieta around 1400 and cross (1646).
    The castle "Weyer" was build in the 12th century. and was destroyed in 1490. Today the ruin can still be visited.
    The museum "Wilhelmsgut" is located in an old traditional farmer’s house and accommodates a precious stone collection and many old tools.


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