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Search for the green gold

Pension Kristall – Habachtal

The Habachtal is the only valley in Central Europe where emeralds can be found. On foot the entrance to the valley is only half an hour away from our boarding house (B&B). Every year thousands of people visit the Habachtal looking for precious minerals.
    At the end of the Habachtal one finds the Habachkees-glacier at 2000m altitude.
    "Nourished" by many small water streams from the glacier the Habach (mountain torrent) originates here and leads directly into Salzach river. The middle part of the valley is flat but becomes steep towards Salzachtal valley. There are cultivated farms such as the Alpenrose, Enzianhuette or Neue Thueringer Huette. The latter often is the advent for further walks in the Austrian Alps or mountain climbing. All "Huetten" (farms) offer drinks and some small snacks. It is also possible to stay over for one or two nights.

Hiking in Habachtal valley

Pension Kristall – Smaragd

After the short (but steep) entrance into the valley, you walk along the "Habach" (mountain torrent). With a little bit luck you will be able to spot eagles or deer. You have also the opportunity to use a taxi service ("Habachtaltaxi") until the first "Huette" (farm). Popular is a visit at the "Moa-Alm" where you can buy selfmade cheese.

Emeralds: The green gold

The emerald – a beryll stone – belongs to the group of silicats and can be found in colours such as white, white blue, pink or green. Depending on the colour emeralds have been named differently. The hardness of the stone is in between 7,5–8 (therefore: "Edelstein" – precious stone). Because of its rarity the green emerald is especially valueable. Around the emeralds mine (since 1797), "Leckbachrinne" and "Sedls" one can find stones such as Pyrit, Turmalin, Aktinolith or the rare combination of emerald and aquamarine.
    The emerald deposit is located in lower stratums (Penninikum) – the so called "Tauernfenster".
    Emeralds from the Habachtal ("Habachtaler") are also exhibited in the folk museum in Bramberg. At the Stift Mattsee (Mattsee monastery) a crystal of 11x9 cm size and a Brustkreuz (Pektorale) with 5 "Habachtaler" can be seen. The monstrance used in Salzburg cathedral (1697) holds 24 Habachtal emeralds.

Pension Kristall

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